Regulations and guidelines for Employer

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Feb 25, 2021 · 490 read

Regulations and guidelines for Employer

Laws and regulations strictly prohibited by mom

1. Employer cannot hold maids passport or work permit, the ID should be kept by maid herself

2. Employer cannot hold maid’s salary even if she requests

3. If employer need to install camera at home, must inform the maid about the specific location, and you should not install the camera in a private area, such as a place where the maid sleeps or takes bath

4. It is not allowed to arrange maids and male teenagers/adults to sleep in one room

5. Provide safe life security and life supplements, cannot abuse

6. The windows can only be wiped indoors, not outdoors, unless employer lives on the first floor.

7. The maid can only do housework on the same address with the address on her working permit. Maid shall not be arranged to work in other places for other people, nor shall the maid be arranged to do other business activities other than housework

8. Pay levy through GIRO

9. If the maid is missing, must inform EA immediately 


1. Respect the maid, do not use insulting words when criticizing.Respect her privacy, do not go to her room without her consent.

2. Give maid the rights to use her mobile phone. If employer need the maid to concentrate when doing something important and cannot use phone during that time. Please discussed with maid first the rules of hand phone using.

3. Always place your valuable belongings in locked drawers or safes.

4. Follow the terms in contract about the maid’s off day and salary,  if you want the maid to work on her off day, please come to mutual agreement and pay her off day working salary. Can not force her to work if she is unwilling to.

5. It is encouraged to transfer maid’s salary to her bank account. If salary is paid in cash, it is recommended to prepare receipts/salary slips for the maid to sign.

6. Give a clear list of housework, if necessary, also the instructions and standard, and the instructions given should be clear and quantifiable.

7. The maid ’s necessary medical expenses must be borne by the employer, and the hospitalization / surgical expenses need to be paid by the employer before going to the insurance company to make a claim.

8. If the maid is responsible for grocery shopping, ask her to turn in the shopping receipt and exchange

9. Respect the maid ’s eating habits and not force her to eat what she does not want to eat

10. The maid’s basic daily meals are borne by employer. Additional items such as whether personal necessities are borne by the employer need to be declared in advance, such as shampoo toothpaste, etc., including her mobile phone costs, and transportation costs. If the employer is unwilling to take the extra cost, it is necessary to clearly communicate with the maid in advance.

11. It is recommended to separate the storage place for maid if employer don’t want to share his/her own food with her.

12. Make it clear that the relationship with the maid is the relationship between the employer and the employee, don't rush into family member relationship at very first beginning.

13. If the employer is away for a few days and there is no one at home, employer can choose to send the maid to her home country, or let the maid take care of the house while employer is away, or can ask the employment agency to provide the lodging service by paying relevant fees. Under such circumstances, employer still need to pay her salary even if she don’t work.

14. The maid has the right to enjoy a 15-day paid vacation at the end of the two-year contract. The employer can also negotiate with the maid not to go home and stay at home,in which case the maid will be paid 15 days of equal wages as a subsidy.

15. It is recommended to set up a due time for coming home on maid’s off day, for example, no later than 9pm.

16. Know where the maid is going if she need to go out, like go grocery shopping, or picking up kids etc.  You are fully responsible for her and will be fined if she involves anything illegal.

17. If maid’s daily work requires her to go out and take public transportation, you should provide a transportation card, and recharge the transportation fee regularly according to the daily itinerary. If the employer is willing to bear the transportation cost of the extra maid on his own rest day, please refer to clause 9.

18. If employer has some specific rules or requirements when doing something, make sure to make it clear to the maid, and give sufficient time for her to adjust and learn.idence shall be retained. For those who need the maid to work overtime during extra breaks, they need to negotiate with the maid and pay for overtime.