How to reissue maid's work permit?

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Oct 29, 2020 · 661 read

How to reissue maid's work permit?

According to the regulations of the MOM, the maid needs to keep her own work permit and must carry it in case of police inspection. In addition, the maid needs to use work pass for money transfer. But if the maid loses or damages her work permit, what should the employer do? 

When do I need to reissue the work permit?

  • If the maid's work permit is lost, stolen or damaged, the employer must apply for a replacement within one week. 
  • If it is stolen, employer still needs to go to the police station to report the case and keep a file. 
  • If the maid loses the permit overseas, please contact the MOM immediately.The MOM will give the maid a letter so that she can return to Singapore without the work permit. 

Who can apply the replacement?

Only employers or employment agency can apply.

Processing fee:

  • If the card is damaged, the replacement fee will be SGD 70. 
  • If the pass is lost for the first time, the replacement fee will be SGD 100
  • If it is lost again, the replacement fee will be SGD 300.

Processing time:.

Most cases can be approved on the spot. 

Four days after approval, need to go to the Ministry of Labor to collect the new card.


If the maid loses the work permit multiple times, the employer and the maid will be interviewed by the MOM, and reapplying for a reapplication might not be approved.

If you find a previously lost work permit, please mail it to the MOM address Ministry of Manpower, 18 Havelock Road, Singapore 059764

Flow chart of the work permit re-issuance:

First log in to WP online.



Log in with the employer's SingPass:


Click the "I Agree" button:


Then find WP Card Replacement in the drop-down menu on the left, and click Request Replacement in the drop-down menu (see red box):


You can confirm the name of the employer (in the blue solid box) and the name of the maid (in the red solid box), select the reason for the maid's work permit reissue, and then click the Go button on the right.


Then pay by credit card according to the process, even if the process is completed. If the application is approved, you will receive the Card Replacement Letter from the MOM.

Get the work permit

Four working days after the application for approval of the work permit is approved, the employer or the maid can go to get the work permit.

MOM Services Centre Hall C


The documents that need to be brought are:

  • Original Maid Passport
  • Card Replacement Letter
  • Damaged Work Permit (if it is a replacement damaged work permit)
  • Complete Declaration Form(If the work permit is lost or stolen)
  • Police case filing report (if the work permit is stolen)

*If the work permit is lost or stolen, the maid must collect the work permit in person.